This Privacy Policy ("Privacy Policy" or "Policy") is for Food security ("platform", "Food security") and its related services (collectively with the Platform, the "Service"), as provided by StructWeb B.V. ("StructWeb", "", "we" or "us "), and operated by this platform's initiator(s) ("Client name", "platform initiator", "initiator" or "initiators"). The goal of this Privacy Policy is to inform you as clearly as possible about what data we collect, how we collect it, how we use it, and whom we share it with.
We take your privacy very seriously and we are committed to protecting it. Client name is the "Controller" of the data collected on this platform, and decides what the data is used for. StructWeb is the "Processor" and takes all the necessary steps to secure and protect your data.


When you sign up for an account on a Food security we may collect data such as your name, password and e-mail address. We may also collect data you voluntarily add to your account, such as your photo, your job, organization or location. We also log and retain the IP address from which the account is initially created (collectively "Account Data").
The content you contribute to the Service, such as items added (e.g. links, categories, tags, screenshots), modifications proposed (e.g. edits, deletions, moves, copies), the votes you cast, suggestions and feedback you send to the platform's initiator(s), and your comments posted in discussions (collectively "User Contributed Data"), is not private. It is used to create and build up the platform and belongs to the platform. That means that, by default, your User Contributed Data is not deleted from the servers on which the platform runs, and will still be accessible even after your account is deleted, unless requested by you.
We collect data about your interactions with the Service. These interactions include search queries, clicks on items, votes, bookmarks, and follows of items and users (collectively "Usage Data").
We automatically collect data of the sort that web browsers and servers typically make available. This includes but is not limited to referral source, browser used, device used, etc. (collectively "Technical Data").


Some data, such as Account Data and User Contributed Data, is provided by you, by voluntarily entering it into the Service during the creation of your account or usage of the platform. Other data, such as Usage Data and Technical Data, we receive and record during your use of the Service.
We use cookies for functional practice. Cookies are small text files that we store on your computer through your browser to let the Service store settings and recognize your device when you return. Cookies are required to sign in into the Service.


We use your Account Data to let you sign in. You must have an account to become a User and get access to the platform. We need your Account Data to provide you with a functional account.
To operate the Service we are dependent on User Contributed Data combined with Usage Data. The platform is formed and shaped based on this data, e.g., changing the placement of categories based on items users have clicked on and votes they have cast.
Using Account Data, Technical Data and Usage Data we can offer you a more personalized experience of the Service, e.g., show you a personalized feed or emails which contain content better suited to your interests.
By combining and analyzing Usage and Technical Data, we can improve the functionality of the Service, e.g., discover browser incompatibility problems and improve the user experience.


The companies we use to store data follow either EU privacy laws or the equivalent program set up for US companies. All the data we collect is logged and stored for an indefinite amount of time. However, upon request, data collection can be stopped and it can be deleted.
Because we are based in the Netherlands, the Dutch Data Protection Act applies to all data collected on the platform and we will also comply with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), starting from May 2018. By using cloud-based hosting services (ISO 27001/27018 certified), your data may be transferred over borders. When this happens, we employ hosting services that comply with the US-EU Safe Harbor Framework regarding the collection, use and retention of personal data from European Union member countries in the United States.


We take data security seriously and in the unlikely event that we are hacked we will tell you immediately.
We have extensive security measures in place to protect your data and we are committed to the protection of your data. In the event that any data under our control is compromised as a result of a breach of security, we will take the necessary steps to investigate the situation and, notify those individuals whose data may have been compromised within 72 hours. Further steps in accordance with any applicable laws and regulations will follow.


On this platform, StructWeb or the initiator(s) of the platform may show sponsored content from time to time. To determine what content is most relevant for you we may use your Account Data (e.g., username), as well as Usage Data (e.g., upvotes and shares). The initiator(s) of the platform have access to your name, e-mail address, and any other data you voluntarily enter into the Service, and Usage Data. However, both StructWeb, as well as the initiator(s), will handle your Account Data and Usage Data very carefully, and always with the goal of providing you with the best possible personalized experience and relevant content, which may include sponsored content or advertisements.
Some of your Usage Data (e.g., comments) and Account Data (i.e., name) is shared with other Users of the Service, and may also be visible to Guests without an account. However, you can use the privacy settings in your account settings to select which data should be available to Guests and other users.
We might employ some third parties to perform functions on behalf of StructWeb or Food security and need to share your data (i.e. Account Data, User Contributed Data, Usage Data, and anonymized Technical Data) with them to provide the Service to you, such as hosting services and email service providers. These selected parties will only be provided with the data necessary to perform such functions and may only process them in this way on StructWeb's and/or Food security's behalf and subject to StructWeb's and/or Food security's instructions.
If StructWeb, the Service, or a substantial amount of the assets were acquired, or in the unlikely event that we go out of business or enter bankruptcy, Account Data, Usage Data, Technical Data and User Contributed Data would be one of the assets that is transferred or acquired by a third party. By agreeing to this Policy, you acknowledge that such transfer might occur, and that any acquirer of StructWeb or the Service may continue to use your data according to the rules and statements in this Policy.
We are reluctant to cooperate with data demands and we will only cooperate with government, law enforcement officials or private parties to enforce and comply with law, regulation or valid legal process. Personally-identifying data including Account Data, User Contributed Data and Usage Data will only be disclosed or preserved for future disclosure if a search warrant showing probable cause is issued. We will not disclose such data for any other type of request. And in the case that we are required to disclose data, our policy is to notify users of requests for their data prior to disclosure unless we are prohibited from doing so by statute or court order.


Your Account Data can be instantly changed using the tools we provide in your account settings. You can propose changes to your User Contributed Content using the same tools you have used to add them. However, depending on the level of user and content moderation options the platform initiator(s) have, (some of) your User Contributed Content may be edited or deleted.
If you no longer wish to be a user of the platform, you can submit a request to delete your account at any time. The username associated with deleted account become unavailable and your public profile will no longer be visible to other users. Though your username will be disassociated from the User Contributed Data you added or modified during your tenure as a user of the Service, the User Contributed Data will not be automatically deleted as part of the account removal process, it will only be anonymized.
If you want to delete your account, please contact us by emailing us at using the subject line "Delete acccount". Please include the platform's name and your name. If you wish to withdraw your consent and no longer allow us to process your data or want to remove your data, please email us at using the subject line "My data". Please include the platform's name, your name and your request.
If you no longer wish to receive email communications related to the platform, you can opt-out by editing your profile settings. However, you will still receive communications essential to the functioning of the Service, such as password recovery messages or security notices.


Websites displayed on this platform can have their own policies, which can deviate from this Policy. StructWeb B.V. and the platform initiator do not endorse and are not responsible for the practices employed by websites or services linked in and displayed by the Service, including the data or content contained therein. Please remember that when you click on an item to view a website embedded or linked by the Service, this Privacy Policy does not apply to third-party websites or services. Your browsing and interaction on any third-party website or service, including those that have a link on or are displayed by the Service, are subject to that third party's own rules and policies.


We welcome questions, concerns and feedback concerning this Privacy Policy or your data. Please feel free to contact us at


We may update this Policy, but will always log changes and keep an archive of previous versions for you (on request).
Although most changes are likely to be minor, we may, at our discretion, modify or update this Privacy Policy from time to time. We encourage you to visit this page periodically. When we change the Policy in a considerable manner we will notify you. Your continued u se of this Service after any change in this Privacy Policy will constitute your acceptance of such change.


February 28, 2015: Initial Privacy Policy made effective.
December 7th, 2017: This version of the Privacy Policy made effective.